Friday, August 13, 2010

Preparing for Trip to Argentina

Since I did not know exactly where Argentina is, I have included this map. Buenos Aires is located on the South Atlantic Ocean.

I am preparing for my trip to Argentina on August 2nd. I will be flying to Los Angelos on August 2nd, and then on to Buenos Aires on the 3rd (a 15 hour flight...whew). A representative from Bridge TEFL will pick me up at the airport and take me to my homestay. I will be staying with an Argentine woman (senora) and her daughter (senorita).

Yes, I am diligently studying Spanish. Hablo un poco de espanol. (I speak a little Spanish.) I aso purchased some books about Argentine culture, history, politics, etc. and plan to become a little knowledgeable about Argentina and its people.

I have purchased a pocket translator and maps of Buenos Aires including the routes for public transportation. I have purchased a power converter and adapter so I can use their electrical outlets. I am also buying some pesos so I will have some Argentine cash, in small bills, with me. Let's many things to try and remember.

I have forwarded my mail, taken care of the dogs and the house. For my children and grandchildren...I love you. Por mis amigos, gracias for tuning in.

Mary Beth